Need help finding someone to take care of my dog

By on August 25, 2010

I will be on TDY for just over two months, from 9 September to about 15 November, and need to find someone to take care of my dog. Samshik is a 5 year old male Shitzhu, and weighs about ten pounds. He is a small, calm dog that sleeps most of the day and wants to play once or twice a day. He's an inside dog, but needs to be walked twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. He's not very used to babies and young kids but he's very friendly with others. He'll let you know if he wants some food, water, or go outside by whining and looking at you. When he want to play, he'll bring his toy and try to get your attention. Samshik chases cats and doesn't like big or unfriendly dogs, he has all shots and medical updated thru May 2011. The only medicine that he needs is his heartworm medicine monthly, which we will provide. He eats dry dog food, we usually keep his bowl full and he eats as much as he wants, but doesn't overindulge. We will provide his favorite food, bed, biscuits, and toys. Should be careful not to leave around other dogs unattended, he is not neutered. We hope someone can help, thank you.

John & Geumyoung Ross
cell #: 253-365-0036