Ocean Shores: The perfect Northwest beach getaway

You don't need to drive down to California to experience the sand and (limited) sun

By Jackson Hogan on June 30, 2016

Washington beaches get a bad rap. Sure, they may not be year-round paradises of perfect, golden sand and water at a temperature that's actually tolerable, but they're unique in their own way. While you could always opt for a local, more centralized beach like Alki or Golden Gardens in Seattle, or Owens in Tacoma, isn't part of the beach experience supposed to be getting away from normal life?

Ocean Shores is the perfect distance away to feel like you're in a truly outside of the Puget Sound area, but it's still only a two-and-a-half hour drive, which isn't a monumental journey. Different people go to Ocean Shores for different reasons, so here are two separate gameplans for the Washington coast: one for families, and one for a romantic couple getaway.


Honestly, the ideal age to visit Ocean Shores might be when you're 9 or 10. The beach is obviously a main draw for kids, given that water, sand and sun are sometimes all they need to entertain themselves for hours. Still, even the call of the sea can't keep kids occupied forever, so here's a few other options for some family fun.


So, whether you're with your kids or your romantic partner, there are plenty of exciting activities to do at Ocean Shores beyond just the beach.