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Spouse magazine

SPOUSE magazine - March 2018

JBLM Spouse magazine is an online publication via your email weekly. It connects you with your greater military community in the South Sound, highlighting features, events and activities for spouses and families, both on and off the base.


Music artist as music fan

The careers of John, Paul, George and Ringo, post-Beatles, is a nearly ideal case study in the separate personalities that make up a band, and the effects of isolating them in solo projects.


Different but similar

A line is defined as the path of a moving point. If the point is three-dimensional and a foot or two in size in every direction, and if it doubles back on itself and crosses its own path like an Escher drawing or like a meandering line drawn...


Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar, in many ways, is more of an institution than a musical, at this point. Beginning its life as a concept album, before debuting on Broadway in 1971, it was almost immediately a smashing success, leading quite quickly to a...


Little Jerry's

Dutch and Jackie needed a hearty meal with a side of weird, which took them to Fern Hill's Little Jerry's Restaurant. Opened for only breakfast and lunch, this sitcom-themed diner serves up greasy spoon dishes and lures the masses into their...

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