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Air Force’s fiscal 2020

The Air Force's budget would rise to $165 billion in fiscal year 2020 under the White House spending plan unveiled March 12, a $10 billion increase that allows the service to grow, modernize and effectively adapt to an array of changing global...


Spokane -- a surprising wine destination

Spokane has no estate wineries but is rapidly becoming a wine destination due to its downtown Cork District. Focused in the urban core of downtown Spokane, there are 16 award-winning wineries within walking distance of each other. Throw in a...

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Idaho Response 2019

"These elements have been a challenge," said Lt. Col. Daniel Bugbee, commenting on wind gusts up to 45 mph and freezing temperatures. "It's actually good training though, because the weather will almost certainly not be ideal if we were called to...


One bourbon, one wine and one beer

This week, Dutch and Jackie had beverages on the brain and skipped spots with a traditional menu. Join them on their journey as they sip, chug and throw back a few.


Idyllic landscapes and frightening worlds

I thought the art of landscape painting had reached an unstoppable point of redundancy at which original landscapes were no longer possible, and then Olympia artist Kathy Gore Fuss started painting in nature in all sorts of weather amongst the...

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