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Face challenges effectively with non-medical counseling for youth

Sometimes life can be challenging for children and teens. Military youth may experience stress from long separations from parents, celebrating holidays and milestones away from loved ones, frequent moves and changing schools. In addition, tragic...


Mindset is everything

Over 30 years ago, a non-commissioned officer took an interest in then Pvt. Shawn Carns. It's a lesson he has not forgotten. "He is the NCO who made me the soldier that has allowed me to get to where I am right now," began now I Corps' Command...

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Bill could help spouses keep govt. jobs

Numerous military spouses are compelled to resign from their federal positions due to their partners' transfers, resulting in the loss of benefits accumulated over years of continuous service. In an effort to support those facing such challenges,...


Best Thanksgiving family traditions to start

As families gather around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving, the focus often extends beyond the delicious turkey and pumpkin pie to the cherished traditions that make the holiday memorable. Establishing family traditions not only strengthens...


Team McChord volunteers support ‘Partnership in Education’

Team McChord service members can now participate in a volunteer program enhancing community outreach efforts at Carter Lake Elementary School through the Partnership in Education, or PIE, program. Members can volunteer as groups or individuals...

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