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Goodbye Ray Donovan

The most shocking death in the history of the blood-soaked Showtime series Ray Donovan was the hit taken out on the show itself in January 2020 - a move that blindsided the creators, who had ended Season 7 with a number of cliffhangers in the...


AFCLC launches new introduction to China, Russia courses with certificates on Culture Guide app

The Air Force Culture and Language Center recently added Introduction to China, Introduction to Russia Culture courses, and a video library to its newly updated, free Culture Guide mobile app. The addition of the courses moves lock-step with Air...


Reading and learning paid off for Patriots Landing veteran

John Coucoules' life has been one of ups and downs, but throughout it all he has persevered by reading and learning as much as he could. Born in Savannah, Georgia in 1927, he currently resides at Patriots Landing. He related how at the age of...


U.S. Army launches annual housing tenant satisfaction survey

WASHINGTON - The Army began its annual housing tenant satisfaction survey Jan. 11 to gather feedback about living in Army housing. Survey results will guide the decisions the Army makes about future housing. "By responding to the survey, every...

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The fight for tomorrow

As the service continues to refine what is needed to develop the airmen required to fight and win our future wars, Air Force officials announced the implementation of the Enlisted Force Development Action Plan, located here. With a goal to...

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