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Small communities, packed with exploration!

If you're in search of exploring outside the hub of Downtown Olympia, we recommend soaking in the charm that can be found in the surrounding smaller communities. Lacey, Yelm and Tumwater are musts visits while stationed at Joint Base Lewis...

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JBLM soldiers train in India

Combined squads of Indian and U.S. infantrymen practice small-unit tactics Feb. 9, 2021, during bilateral Indo-U.S. Exercise Yudh Abhyas at Mahajan Field Firing Range in Rajasthan, India. Now in its 16th iteration, Yudh Abhyas brings together...


Nurturing your body, mind and soul

As the pandemic continues to restrict many of the places you are able or inclined to go, finding ways to stay active is important for keeping the body and mind healthy and happy. Here are some ideas for new hobbies to try. Learn a language:...

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How long do you have to file a medical malpractice claim?

If you recently suffered from medical malpractice in Washington or another state, it is essential to act quickly to pursue civil damages. State laws define strict time windows when your claim is valid, and these are not suggestions but hard and...

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More changes to Fitness Test?

WASHINGTON - The Army could adjust how it scores its new Combat Fitness Test to account for the "biological differences" between men and women, a service spokeswoman said Feb. 12. The reevaluation of the ACFT comes weeks after Congress delayed...

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