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I’m F.I.N.E

Barry Johnson's paintings at 950 Gallery are unlike art seen anywhere else in Tacoma. Judging from what I was told, Johnson is self-taught and has been painting only five years. There is an amateurish quality to his paint application, which I...

South Sound Cinema

Three Easy Pieces

Welcome to Three Easy Pieces, where I look at a particular pocket of pop culture, from its birth, to how it looks today. This time, with the holiday season underway, I'm calling the bluff of every bro who argues that Die Hard is a Christmas...

Military Life

The joys of camp

Forget about presents this winter and give your kids an experience. We're talking action-packed, weekend-long camp experiences filled with science, art and nature activities to keep youth happily entertained and out of the house. Hands On...

Military Life

Empowering healthy living

Marlene's Market & Deli has been a family-owned, local, natural and organic market since 1976. We carry nutritional supplements, natural body care products, 100 percent organically grown produce, groceries for all dietary needs, gifts and...

Military Life

Homemade gift giving

Raise your hand if you have a bit of an obsession with craft supplies. Luckily, this is the time of year when we can put those piles of fabric, paints, and beading supplies to good use, while making room for the after-Christmas crafts store...

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