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Seeking to rehabilitate its own

New correctional facility offers second chance

Maj. Gen. Duane Miller, U.S. Army Provost Marshall General and Commander of Army Corrections, leads a host of officials during a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Northwestern Joint Regional Correctional Facility. Photo credit: JM Simpson

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Studying a seating chart, Spc. Andrew Warren stood just outside the doorway to a small recreational room in the newly completed Northwestern Joint Regional Correctional Facility.

"I have only been with the 508th Military Police Detention Battalion for a couple of years," he began, "so I have no idea what the old facility was like," he began. "But I want to make sure this ribbon cutting ceremony goes well, so I am making sure I know who is seated where."

On a snowy morning, the 42nd Military Police Brigade hosted an ribbon cutting ceremony for the new NJRCF Dec. 1. Approximately 60 local elected officials, various contractors and veterans attended.

"Our new correctional facility is significant for the Army," said Maj. Gen. Duane Miller, U.S. Army Provost Marshall General and Commander of Army Corrections, "and today two-and-a-half years later we are celebrating this opening."

The facility replaces the previous NWJRCT which was built in 1957 and demolished in 2020.

During the construction of the new $87.7 million facility, the 508th continued to perform detention cell operations by receiving and transporting prisoners who are confined in a pre-trial status, awaiting court-martial, or in post-trail status.

Miller also pointed out that the NWJRCF provides not only I Corps but also the Department of Defense a unique opportunity to rehabilitate and give prisoners a second chance.

"This facility is important; there will be a host of vocational and treatment programs, and it can also house  female prisoners, and those prisoners with medical requirements."

"This facility will open as a Level I medium security correctional facility capable of combining pre-trial prisoners as well as those with sentences of up to one year," Miller continued. 

He said the NWJRCF can be utilized as a Level 2 medium security facility should the need arise. It is the only correctional facility co-located in the Army co-located with a fully capable medical center as Madigan is.

"The soldiers, sailors and civilians who work here are committed to providing custody and control, assisting in a prisoner's return to duty or society as a more productive service member or civilian."

The facility will continue to be operated by corrections/detention specialists from the 508th Military Police Detention Battalion.  

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