Outstanding Service to Veterans Award winners

By Gary Lott on November 10, 2022

"You know who they are!" Community members that constantly make a difference and continually shift the attention to serving veterans and their families in Washington state.

It's individuals who may be supporting several non-profit organizations or volunteering more hours then there are in a day. It's teams that rise together as one to lift the community's level of support and awareness to those who have served. It may even be a legislator who is tiding the waves in the legal wheelhouse to make sure policies that champion veteran causes continue to remain visible.

Several community members and teams received the Governor's Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee (VAAC) Outstanding Service to Veterans Award, hosted by the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs, during the City of Auburn's 57th Annual Veterans Parade Nov. 5.

The VAAC holds several town halls throughout the state and throughout the year, to ensure that veterans in all communities across Washington state have their voices heard and are updated on the status of veteran-related news, policies and programs. They also select the winners each year from dozens of nominations of leaders in outstanding service to veterans categories.

Each award was handed out by the Director and Deputy Director of the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs, the VAAC Chair and the Mayor of Auburn during a luncheon celebration held at Merrill Gardens in downtown Auburn.

The award winners also participated in the parade by riding alongside a cheering and waving audience. Several Veteran Service Organization volunteers donate their vehicles and gas to properly chauffeur each of the awardees.

These award winners have all shown their leadership and overall outstanding service in Serving Those Who Served in the community.


These winners will continue to serve veterans in Washington state, and the public is invited to view past winners and this year's full nominations by visiting the VAAC's website at: Outstanding Service To Veterans Hall of Fame | WDVA (wa.gov).