Class B uniform update

Soldiers authorized to wear ribbons, unit insignia

By Stars & Stripes on April 9, 2021

Soldiers may wear an insignia and some accoutrements on their Class B service uniforms, the Army announced in an update to uniform regulations.

The change allows a soldier to wear up to six ribbons in two rows on the left side of the Class B Army Green Service Uniform, along with one badge or metal tab replica, the update released March 31 said. Previously, soldiers could only wear their ribbons on the Class A version of the uniform, which includes a jacket.

The wearer may also opt to include a regimental insignia on the right side of the Class B uniform.

The insignia and accoutrements are mandatory when the service uniform is worn as a dress uniform substitute in hot weather, which can be authorized at a commander's discretion.

The Army began issuing the World War II-inspired uniform to soldiers completing basic training this year. Soldiers have until 2027 to acquire the uniform, service officials said last year.