Trick or treating on JBLM

How it will work on October 31

By JBLM Release on October 7, 2020

Ready for a spooktacular Halloween? JBLM will host trick or treating with COVID-19 precautions Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. Please stay safe and abide by the following guidelines:

- Parents, please accompany young children and use caution crossing roadways.

- Barracks and dorms are not authorized trick or treating locations.

- Only visit homes where the residents are known and outside lights are on as a welcome.

- Children can carry flashlights or glow sticks to be easily seen.

- Residents should secure pets and remove items from the porch and front yard to prevent tripping hazards.

- Only trick or treat outdoors.

- Limit to small groups within the same household.

- Maintain six feet of separation.

- Cloth face coverings should be worn by those giving and taking candy.

- Wear a cloth face covering and/or a mask that has one built in.

- Avoid carnivals, live entertainment, haunted house attractions and large gatherings.

- Limit handling of candy by multiple individuals and use gloves to distribute (individual bags or cups, set up a table, distribute with tongs or grabbers.)

- No communal treat bowls

- No home baked goods – prepackaged candy only

- Wash and sanitize hands frequently while trick or treating.

- If you are sick – stay home and do not participate in any way!