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JBLM to partially re-open

Commander also announces you may be able to stay at JBLM and not PCS, or delay until fall

Whispering Firs Golf Course will reopen Saturday with some limitations. Photo credit: JBLM MWR

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Some services will open on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) earlier than others, Lt. Gen. Randy George told a town hall audience via Facebook, Tuesday. Openings this Saturday, May 2, will be Whispering Firs Golf Course, the MWR Skeet and Archery Ranges, Solo Point, and the Off Road Vehicle Park. There will not be any rentals available, including golf carts, and physical distancing will be maintained.

George, who commands I Corps and JBLM said if rules are followed, and cases of COVID-19 don't rise, these places will remain open. George said the base again saw less new cases of the virus this past week.

Regarding PCS season, George said aside from authorized exceptions, moves are frozen until June 30. However, George reiterated that some PCS moves will be delayed until fall, and in some cases, moves will be cancelled. George also said soldiers can request delays from their commands, as well as request not to move at all.

George said the commands will look at this issue to help ease the burden of a shorter move season.

As far as other planned openings, George said the Army testing facility at Stone Education would re-open May 4, as will the JBLM Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course -- coordinate with your chain of command to schedule. For more information, visit:

The base will follow the state's announcement Monday regarding the openings off base of hunting, fishing and golfing starting May 5, and re-open Eagle's Pride Golf Course May 5, as well as fishing on the base. The Northwest Adventure Center is not reopening at this point to issue licenses, or sell supplies equipment. If you have your own gear and fishing license, you may fish.

Madigan officials said antibody testing at JBLM is likely not to happen until June.

As for training and manpower, George said the base has been operating at 20 to 25 percent soldier manning, and that number will grow to 35 to 40 percent in the next few weeks. George said aircraft and vehicle maintenance will resume, as well as individual training for MP, maintenance and Special Forces units.

The base will continue the school year pricing until June 21 at the child development centers. As requirements increase, the CDCs will increase to meet that need. Col. Skye Duncan, garrison commander, asked for patience, saying some kids may be moved to other centers than where they were before COVID-19 due to staffing and other concerns.


  • The restriction on military to stay within a 50-mile radius of the base will continue at least a couple more weeks.
  • There is no decision on the Army Combat Fitness Test beginning in October. 
  • Pacific Pathways is still in discussion -- no final decision has been made, but likely some units will receive priority for training in case units participate after June or in the fall.
  • Emergency leave is still available; work that through your command.
  • The Tax Center will be open until June 1. Appointments are required at 253.967.1040.
  • Inbound PCS moves are not required to quarantine for 14 days, but those from OCONUS are required.
  • George said gyms will likely open first for ID card holders on profile. Next would be service members, followed by the rest after that. But no date has been established. Gyms in a Box are authorized to use with sanitary wipes, etc. Those are being monitored.
  • Duncan said the base is still following state guidelines for now regarding the opening of sit-down restaurants, dining halls and barber shops.
  • Spring Clean Up will continue this year, but those won't be in the training areas. All the main roads, etc., will be cleaned. 
  • For visiting family members, they can stay on post.
  • Soldiers on hardship tours may be delayed, but they will return. 

JBLM PAO contributed to this report.

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