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Daily Update for Naval Base Kitsap

April 29: Which parks will re-opn, new testing site, Museum clocsure update, more

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Your daily update at Naval Base Kitsap and the impacts of COVID-19. Here is your April 29 update (based on various releases - Kitsap County Photo):

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>> As a public health precaution due to COVID-19, the Puget Sound Navy Museum will remain closed to the public through May 1, 2020. Post May 1, opening to the public will remain at the discretion of the City of Bremerton. All on- and off-site programming is suspended until we open to the public. Despite the closure, Museum staff are available to assist with any questions. You may reach us at with inquires. Please also follow us here on Facebook, as well as on Twitter and Instagram, as we post historic information and education activities daily

>> Update on which parks will re-opn May 5 HERE

>> New Covid testing site opens in Kitsap - Story HERE

>> Need help from the community? Here is where to get aid.

>> Until further notice, all legal assistance services (to include estate planning, family law, special powers of attorney, notaries etc.) are reserved for active duty servicemembers AND dependents of active duty servicemembers.
• All legal assistance services will continue to be by appointment only. Appointments for active duty servicemembers and dependents of active duty servicemembers will be telephonic. Appointments will be scheduled once all required paperwork is received by the legal office.
To have the required paperwork sent to you or to schedule an appointment with an attorney, please call our appointment lines:

For Bremerton, call: (360) 476-4275
For Bangor, call: (360) 396-6003

The required paperwork including the Legal Assistance Intake Questionnaire and the Remote Services Disclosure and Acknowledgement can also be downloaded on our website at:…/rlso_northwest.htm

Previous announcements ...

>> Okay to fish, hunt and golf in Washington - see announcement HERE

>> New turnstiles are at the south side of the vehicle lanes at Bremerton Gate. These turnstiles will allow for concurrent entry and exit operations - arrows above the turnstiles will indicate direction of travel. To support this work, the north turnstiles will be secured for use on Wednesday morning (April 29) starting at approximately 7:30 a.m. The outage is expected to last 4 hours. During this brief period of time the only way in/out at Bremerton Gate will be via the new turnstiles at the south end.

>> The Nimitz is underway - see the updated story here CLICK

>> Kitsap County parks parking will reopen May 5th - see HERE

>> Kitsap County has an email update system here: Subscribe to daily updates by email:

>> The ID card office in the Bremerton Visitor Control Center (VCC) is temporarily closed. This does not affect all other VCC services, which remain available. Please use the ID card office at the Bremerton Naval Operations Support Center (NOSC), Bldg. 1013 or the Bangor Personnel Support Detachment (PSD). For questions please call the Bremerton NOSC at 360-627-3331 or the Bangor PSD at 360-396-5732.

>> NBK won a coveted environmental award - see the story HERE

>> The U.S. Navy has made changes to the Active Duty and Full-Time Support E-4 advancement exams as part of their COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Read more here:

>> Which military jobs have the highest suicide rates? See the study here:

>> Study looks at who joins the military and why – story here:

>> Virtual seminars for military spouses is tomorrow and Thursday. RSVP here:

>> Are military allowed to establish campaigns using sites like Go Fund Me? Check out this story here:

>> With TRICARE, Help From a Nurse is Just a Call Away - see here:

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