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JBLM soldiers recognized

FORSCOM salutes 35 General Douglas MacArthur Award nominees

Photo credit: Ms. Ashley Patoka (FORSCOM)

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(Photo: Gen. Michael Garrett, commanding general, U.S. Army Forces Command, recognized 25 captains and 10 warrant officers from throughout the command Dec. 6 as part of FORSCOM’s annual Gen. Douglas MacArthur Leadership Assessment at Fort Bragg, N.C.)

The U.S. Army Forces Command recognized 25 captains and 10 warrant officers from throughout the command Dec. 6 as part of FORSCOM's annual Gen. Douglas MacArthur Leadership Assessment at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The 35 FORSCOM officers and warrant officers will go on to participate in the Army-level awards, some of which may be picked in June 2020 for the Army-level national award. FORSCOM won 10 of 12 in the Army captain category and one of two in the chief warrant officer two category as part of the June 2019 awards announcement.

Army-level award recipients represent soldiers from the regular Army, National Guard and Army Reserve. The soldiers are selected by their commands for demonstrating ideals Gen. MacArthur stood for -- including duty, honor and country.

This year's FORSCOM leadership candidates were evaluated on their board-nomination packet, a written essay on leadership, board appearance and Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) results.

"I have no concerns about the future of our Army because of all of you," said U.S. Army Forces Command Commanding General Gen. Michael Garrett. "We have a pretty good track record here at FORSCOM of winning the whole thing (the Army competition) and I don't think this year will be any different."

There are four top-scoring winners among the group. The FORSCOM winners are: Capt. Kristen Griest (Security Force Assistance Command), and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jason D. Richards (III Corps - 11th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade). The FORSCOM runners-up are: Capt. Christopher M. Jarrett (XVIII Airborne Corps - 101st Airborne Division), and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dan C. Riggs (XVIII Airborne Corps - 101st Airborne Division).

Here are all 35 names of the men and women for the FORSCOM-level Gen. Douglas MacArthur Leadership Assessment, whose awards packets will be forwarded to compete during the Army-level review next year. (The asterisk indicates those officers who participated in December's FORSCOM assessment):

I Corps

Capt. John P. Cushing*

Capt. Jacob Henry*

Capt. Justin A. Raab

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rafael A. Lazzarini*

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Zachery Mills*

III Corps

Capt. Stephen J. Cumby (1st Cav. Div.)

Capt. Kevin M. Dobbyn (4th Inf. Div.)*

Capt. Charles H. Gray (1st Inf. Div.)*

Capt. Joshua R. Kellbach (4th Inf. Div.)*

Capt. Jordan C. Riggio (75th FAB)*

Capt. Ragan T. Rutherford (1st Armored Division)*

Capt. Matthew E. Tieszen (1st Inf. Div.)*

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Andrew R. Hein (89th Military Police Brigade)*

Chief Warrant Officer 2 William D. Nance (1st Cav. Div.)

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jason D. Richards (11th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade)*

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Derek Zaleski (4th Inf. Div.)

XVIII Airborne Corps

Capt. Linda C. Benites (525th MI Brigade)*

Capt. Isaac A. Gutierrez (3rd Inf. Div.)*

Capt. Christopher M. Jarrett (101st Airborne Division)*

Capt. Robert L. Reed (10th Mountain Division)*

Capt. Joseph Smith (16th MP Brigade)*

Capt. Patrick J. Smith (82nd Airborne Division)

Capt. Matthew P. Stein (10th Mountain Division)

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dann C. Riggs (101st Airborne Division)*

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Cindyanette Rojas (3rd Inf. Div.)*

First Army

Capt. Anthony M. Del Vecchio

Capt. Michael Rochford*

National Training Center

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Richard A. Doebler*

Joint Readiness Training Center

Capt. Tina C. Hill*

32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command

Capt. Patrick D. Rachel

Capt. Jeffrey Thompson

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jerry A. Cade*

20th CBRNE Command

Capt. Valerie J. Bryant*

Capt. Katie E. Nisbet*

Security Force Assistance Command

Capt. Kristen M. Griest*

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