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Maternity uniforms

Air Force Uniform Office seeks feedback

Stacey Butler, right, a clothing designer with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Air Force Uniform Office, measures Capt. Taylor Harrison’s maternity Airman Battle Uniform. Photo credit: Brian Brackens/U.S. Air Force

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The Air Force Uniform Office has begun surveying female airmen to collect feedback on Air Force maternity uniform items.

All Air Force women will receive an email message from the Air Force Survey Office with a unique link inviting them to take the survey. To determine who should take the full survey, the Uniform Office is asking participants to respond to the first survey question.

"Getting feedback on maternity uniform items is important," Tracy Roan, Uniform Office chief said. "Our goal is to make uniforms more comfortable and provide a uniform that will sustain airmen through their entire pregnancy."

Roan went on to add that due to privacy rules, airmen who have worn maternity items or are currently wearing them are a difficult population to reach and the survey is a great avenue to reach them.

Feedback from the survey will help determine how well maternity uniforms are meeting the needs of pregnant airmen, and guide the design and development of the uniforms.

The survey, which is open to active-duty, Reserve and Guard, ends Sept. 23.

For questions about the survey or maternity uniforms, send an email message to

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