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Aviation Day at Paine Field

Cascade Warbirds will be on display

The T-6 Texan was known as the “pilot maker.” Courtesy Photo

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It is arguably the greatest training aircraft ever created.

Originally built in 1935, the T-6 Texan was used for basic combat training during World War II and for decades afterward. It was known as the "pilot maker" because of its role in preparing pilots for combat.

This historic plane will be among other historic military airplanes on display in the air and on the ground May 19 at Paine Field for Aviation Day. About 80 historic planes in all.

"It's a major event that kicks off the flying season for general aviation," said Kerry Edwards, public relations director for Cascade Warbirds.

Members of Cascade Warbirds, which is a group of military aviation enthusiasts from the Northwest, will showcase their aircraft at this annual event.

"It has grown into a tremendous event to put forward the broad range of aviation activities at Paine Field," Edwards said. "It is a huge event with a lot of family focus and a broad range of aviation interest."

In addition to the Cascade Warbirds, there will be other fliers from Paul Allen's Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Collection, Historic Flight Foundation, and members of the Washington Pilots Association.  

Aviation Day at Paine Field has been around for a couple of decades. Its purpose is to honor veterans, to engage in aviation education, to applaud the accomplishments of the aviation industry and the role it has played in our country's history. The event was founded by the Washington Pilot's Association.

"It's just a salute to general aviation as opposed to commercial aviation," Edwards said.

The event includes Young Eagles flights to introduce youngsters to the experience of flight in private aircraft. For Young Eagles, the 20-minute flight is free.

"It's a tremendous program," Edwards said. "Pilots donate their time and their airplanes. It's remarkable for kids to experience a ride in an airplane. It's a very well organized event. Those free rides are booked solid for the whole day."

Other planes on exhibit include the T-28 Trojan, which was the Air Forces' primary trainer from 1950 to 1964; the CJ-6, which was used to train Navy and Marine pilots until 1984; the FW149D, which was built in Romania for their Air Force; the L-3 Grasshopper, which was ordered by the Army Air Corps prior to WWII; the L-4 grasshopper, a trainer used before WWII; and the L-17 Navion, which was used right after WWII.

Cascade Warbird planes will be on exhibit on the east side of the main runway. The Washington Pilot Association's airplanes will be on the east side of the runway. The Historic Flight Foundation planes will be on the west side of the runway. There's a bus service that links all the exhibits. 

Tickets include admission to the flight museums at Paine Field.

Aviation Day at Paine Field, 9 a.m., May 19, Paine Field, 3220 100th St. SW, Everett, $15 for an individual pass and $35 for a family pass,

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