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The beginning of GENESIS

Madigan to use new records system

MHS GENESIS, an integrated electronic healthcare system, will debut Oct. 21 at the Madigan Army Medical Center. Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

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The Military Health System (MHS) will soon introduce an electronic health records system called GENESIS.

It is designed to integrate inpatient and outpatient solutions that connect active-duty medical and dental information across the continuum of care, from point of injury to the military treatment facility.

MHS GENESIS is to be fully deployed at all military hospitals and clinics by 2022.

Cerner, an American supplier of health information technology solutions, services, devices and hardware, designed the new system.

Earlier this year, Fairchild Air Force Base, Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor and Naval Hospital Bremerton were test sites.

Taking GENESIS to the next step Oct. 21 will be the Madigan Army Medical Center, the first large military treatment center to initiate the system.

"The Department of Defense selected Madigan because of its long history of leading in technology," explained Dr. (Col.) Eric Shry, the project manager at Madigan.

MHS GENESIS at Madigan will offer enhanced and very secure technology to guide care teams with a complete electronic view of a patient's health records, including medical and dental (for active-duty only) information in one location.

The system enables the application of standardized workflows, integrated healthcare delivery, and data standards for an improved and secure electronic exchange of medical and patient data.

Some of the key features and benefits of MHS GENESIS are as follows:

  • Offers two-way communication
  • Supports the delivery of healthcare to beneficiaries
  • Features integrated medical and active-duty dental records throughout the continuum of care
  • Monitors greater population health data, tracking and alerting capabilities
  • Improves the ability to monitor patient safety, outcomes, and operational and medical readiness
  • Improves data access and sharing of health information
  • Increases accessibility of integrated, evidence-based healthcare delivery and decision-making

As Madigan prepares for the launch Oct. 21, patients should know the following:

Pharmacy:  The pharmacy will be busier than usual Oct. 21 and for a few weeks afterward.  To avoid longer wait times, get medications beforehand.

Labs:  There may be increased wait times before Oct. 23.  Patients with a current order should visit the laboratory before Oct. 20.

Referrals:  If patients receive a referral now and it is valid past the switch to MHS GENESIS, they should keep a hard copy of the referral.

Patient Portal:  MHS GENESIS provides patients access to their records online and includes a new secure messaging system that replaces RelayHealth.  To access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, visit

Beneficiaries can log in to the portal using their DS Logon.  Premium Access (Level 2) is required to view the health record. In preparation for the new patient portal, log in to and create your DS logon.  Beneficiaries with an existing DS logon should upgrade the account to Premium Access.

A link is available to the "My Access Center" via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal landing page to direct patients to obtain their DS Logon credentials.

For questions about the DS Logon, visit or contact the Defense Manpower Data Center at 800.538.9552.

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