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Supercarrier launch has local connection

Coinforce designs commemorative coin for the launching of the USS Gerald R. Ford

Each crew member of the supercarrier USS Gerald R. Ford received this commemorative coin. Photo credit: Jordan Haines

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The recent launching of the $12 billion supercarrier USS Gerald R. Ford in Norfolk, Virginia, had a local touch.

The commemorative coins made for the commission of the Navy's newest and most capable ship were made by COINFORCE, a company in Olympia owned by Jordan and Donna Haines.

"I've got to tell you, we're so fortunate," Jordan Haines said during an interview last week. "We still get a kick out of what we do because we know what it means to those who receive these beautiful pieces of works of art."

To help celebrate the ceremony, COINFORCE was selected by the U.S. Navy to make 3,500 commemorative coins for the commissioning ceremony held in July. The coins, which are made from brass and hand-painted, were presented to each of the crew members on the supercarrier along with dignitaries and political leaders, including President Donald Trump.

"It's fun to think that one of the coins that (was) made here and shipped to Virginia ... ended up in the hands of the leader of the free world," Haines said.

Having the opportunity to make commemorative coins for moments like this are special for the Haineses.  Both served in the Air Force and have a combined 42 years of military service. Jordan served from 1980 to 2000; McChord was his last assignment.

"With us being retired military, it's so awesome that we get to continue to serve our military in this capacity of being able to provide pieces of metal that are used for awards and recognition, memorials and camaraderie, and things like that," Jordan Haines said.

In 2003, the couple opened COINFORCE in Georgia. They moved -- along with the store -- to Lakewood in 2005 and in 2014 opened in their current location in the Olympia area.

"We don't operate a retail facility, (so) we keep a very low profile locally," Haines said. "We take orders over the Internet and work with customers online from virtually any place in the world. We're kind of a hometown secret."

COINFORCE coins are now found around the world, including on the international space station, in the deepest depths of the ocean and on the desk of the President of the United States.

To be selected by the U.S. Navy to make the commemorative coins for the launching of the USS Gerald R. Ford is meaningful to Haines. It's a special moment in this country's history. The launching of the supercarrier followed 12 years of construction and testing, and an additional five years of research and design.

The supercarrier can launch 33 percent more aircraft than the next-largest Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

"The beautiful thing about all this is it was all paid for by the Navy League, which is a private, nonprofit organization," Haines said. "Not one penny (of) government money (was used) for this commemorative coin."

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