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A Day of Champions

Local high school impacts JBLM kids

Smiles dominated the third annual Steilacoom Historical School District Day of Champions. Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

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Steilacoom High School student Dnydra Scott could not stop smiling.

After reaching down and picking up a small, yellow, rubber football from a plastic bucket, she paused for a moment and then rifled a spiraled pass through a small hole.

Tom Brady could not have done it better.

"This is fun," Scott, a military dependent, said through a big smile as she watched other students take their turns throwing passes.

"I really like being out here today and having a good time."

For the third year in a row, last Thursday, the Steilacoom Historical School District hosted its Day of Champions.

The weather could not have been better - a nice breeze blew in off the Sound and the sun was bright.

A non-competitive track and field event for student athletes with disabilities, approximately 360 students from the district's six schools met for a morning of fun and games and excitement in the Steilacoom High School stadium.

The Steilacoom High Leadership Team and the Steilacoom High Key Club coordinated the event.

Volunteers from the Steilacoom Historical School District, the Kiwanis Club of Steilacoom, the DuPont Lion Club, the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce and Costco contributed to the day's success.

"It is a good way for the school and for us to provide an opportunity to these students, many of whom are from JBLM, to fit in and have fun," commented senior Nik Shirkey, a military dependent and member of the National Honor Society.

"It is a fantastic event that everyone enjoys."

The champions, ranging from preschool to the 12th grade, participated in a variety of activities to include Frisbee throwing, obstacle course challenges, running, jumping, throwing and young people generally having a lot of fun.

Everyone wore a smile.

"The smiles on their faces are the extraordinary thing," said Malini Baker, a senior and an event coordinator.

"These kids having fun is what this day is all about, and it is a way to ensure that all students are welcome here."

The day's events ended with the presentation of medals and a barbeque.

Everyone went home a winner.

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