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South Sound adventures at clubs, resturaunts, and my favorite hangouts

Ginger Knoxx

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After 24 days of rain, I'm wondering where Noah is. Poor little LuLu Spice had her basement flooded, and I think my neighbor's cat is actually turning into a drowned rat instead of just resembling one.

Albert Hoffman, the father of LSD, turned 100 years old Wednesday. "Hello Albert? I'd like to have 1992 to 1995 back, please."

Saturday, Jan. 7

I am consistently amazed at how a $5 cover charge will keep people away from a very good show and how when it's a free show people come out of the woodwork like they won the freakin' lottery or something. Don't you know, you're going to spend that $5 anyway, so why not give it to the door guy who's gonna give it to the bands, who are going to use the money for gas, practice space rent and gear to keep on rockin' and bringing the music. It's a circle, folks; the cover charge is necessary for the music to happen. That's just how it is. That said, the free show at The Kitchen was packed. There were so many people there I hadn't seen for a couple of months. Rainbow, ever the pixie sprite, has gone all blonde this time of year. CIN from Last of Our Tribe bore the look of someone who had a very good year last year; all tall, dark and lovely she is. The Atomic Outlaws put on a rousing show, stirring the crowd up. There was a pit for more than just a song or two. I think Supergirl is my favorite song. Timmy Vegas' vocal delivery is crisp, powerful and incites the crowd to fly devil horns in the air and sing along. Not a bad time. Parker from Severus told me the New Year's Eve show at HK was jam packed and kicked ass. Wish I could have been in more than one place at one time that night. Idefy's drummer Ben Nix (also of Johnny Bobalouie) and buxom girl downed Jäger shots with The Italian and me. Once again me, Jäger? Not a match. Can you say aggressive, blind drunk? Neither could I. Go Like Hell took the stage, and I must say I just love a man in an animal print dress. Luvleggs has the best dresses ever. Halfway through Go Like Hell we split for the Java Jive to wish Colin a happy birthday. Naja, Del, Joe, Rej and half of Bell's Theorem were hanging out. The Italian and I wound our way over to the Bell's Theorem's pad for some impromptu musical havoc wrecking. Teddy and Leonard dropped in, and Caro showed me all her cool artwork. 4:30 a.m. struck, and we called it quits.

Naja's trying out for singer of a band (the name is yet to be released). With that powerful voice she's gonna nail it. Wish her well at Supernova Saturday when The Golden Gods rock the shop for a free show at 10 p.m.


free tacoma project

The Free Tacoma Project brings all kinds of cool shows to town, and this one is no different. For the first FTP show of 2006, they give us Eliot Lipp and Subtitle.

Lipp turns out some grimy mixes, uses both electronica and rock and live instruments during live sets and layers it all in a way that not only can have you up and charged, but mellowed by some down tempo grooves. To slate this as straight hip-hop does not do it justice. It is so much more. Lipp is a Los Angeles producer with an album coming out in 2006 titled Tacoma Mockingbird.  With Umber Sleeping and The Give. 8:30 p.m., all ages, $5, Club Zoe, 1710 S. Market, Tacoma.

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