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Olympia Brewer brand BEST in World

(This just arrived from Fish Tale Brewery in Olympia): Olympia, WA – October 5, 2015 – Fish Tale Ale’s Beyond the Pale Ale, produced by Fish Brewing Co in Olympia, WA was named the 2015 World’s Best Beer by the World Beer...

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The top 24 percent

A soldier tossed a smoke grenade into a shallow hole. There was a pop, a fizz, and then whitish grey smoke. A moment later, another soldier moving carefully down a trail, detected the noise and smoke. Within seconds dense, yellow smoke engulfed him.


Housing for homeless veterans proposed

There's a project afoot in Tacoma that brings to mind the saying, "it takes a village," a proverb that usually refers to a community of individuals pitching in to help raise a child.

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Ombudsman Appreciation Ball

When asked how important Ombudsmen really are to the Navy, NBK Ombudsman Coordinator Yasmeen Sabir quickly and emphatically replies, "They are imperative. Before the Ombudsman Program was created, there were so many terrible problems within Navy...


An impossible beauty

There's a little-seen but eminently watchable movie from 2013 called Grand Piano. The film, framed as a sort of cross between Speed, Phone Booth, and the most stressful recital you've ever seen ...

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