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Vacationing in University Place

When talking about University Place, you may be tempted to refer to it as a quiet, waterfront neighborhood of Tacoma. You might also be tempted to call it sleepy, or maybe wave your hand dismissively when a friend asks, 'what's there to do in...


Hanging out on the Ave

No one goes to Tacoma's 6th Avenue neighborhood to explore the outdoors or catch a glimpse of the sweet waters of the Puget Sound. They go there to experience the funky Tacoma vibe -- the one the gritty city is -- and has been -- known for over...

Spouse magazine

SPOUSE magazine - May 2018

JBLM Spouse magazine is an online publication via your email weekly. It connects you with your greater military community in the South Sound, highlighting features, events and activities for spouses and families, both on and off the base.

Jobs & Education

Family Scouting program looks for a few good leaders

With summer coming, one of the most fun and educational activities for young people is scouting.  With statistics from both the Boy Scouts of America and the Department of Defense touting a strong correlation between scouting and military...

Military Life

JBLM spouse honored for her service

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Inspired by the generosity and kindness of others, Krista Simpson Anderson sought to help people the way she and her family were helped after her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Michael Simpson, was killed in action in Afghanistan in...

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