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Military Life

Droning on Christmas

The holiday season kicks all of that wanting into overdrive. Drones are trending as the latest gadget du jour.

Military Life

Go local with gift-giving at the Pacific NW Shop

There are stores to serve every shopping need, from antiques and jewelry to running gear and beyond. But one of our greatest treasures is a little shop in Proctor that focuses on all local, all the time - the Pacific Northwest Shop.

Bars & Clubs

NW breweries offer holiday cheer

When it comes to craft breweries, the Puget Sound Region revels in an embarrassment of riches. From Olympia to Bellingham, from Gig Harbor to Kingston, dozens of boutique breweries dot the landscape.

Military Life

Holiday shopping in eclectic downtown Olympia

As magical as gathering 'round the tree on Christmas morning is, the weeks spent shopping beforehand can be somewhat daunting and stressful. Thankfully, venturing to downtown Olympia for this year's holiday shopping is sure to help you...


Holidays on the wild side

Maybe you're the kind of person who spends half of Thanksgiving Day watching animal videos on YouTube. Perhaps your family needs additions to its regimen of well-loved but timeworn holiday activities. Either way, there's an animal park nearby to...

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