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Six fall dining options

While preparing a pot of coffee the other morning, my vents came to life blowing warmed air into the kitchen. It was the first of the season -- the aroma of the heater turning on for the first time is one I rejoice in. I'm a woman of simple...

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Autumn is coming

As summertime fun-in-the-sun gives way to fall rainy-day-play, feelings of discontentment may arise at the sudden whirlwind of seasonal change. Fear not! Though saying au revoir to sweet sunshine can cause minor heartache, folks can rest easy as...

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Masterful local garden designs elevate natural Northwest beauty

Whether you are a green-thumb garden enthusiast, or simply a nature lover who appreciates a leisurely stroll amidst perfectly manicured green scenery, you will be glad to know there is a jewel of landscape architecture and garden design in your...

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Fall movie preview

Here's my chronological rundown of 20 films I'm keen to see. And I easily could have added 10 more!

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Exploring Frank Herbert Trail and the Dune Peninsula

Metro Parks Tacoma's newest park quietly opened this summer transforming the ASARCO Superfund site into a lovely park with waterfront views for miles. Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance Park is 11 acres situated on the breakwater peninsula which...

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