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Guy Fieri visits Madigan kitchen and gets cooking

TV chef gives suggestions to military members and their families

Guy Fieri looks over the materials for the Salisbury steak.

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Guy Fieri, host of Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives", stopped by Madigan Hospital's kitchen Saturday afternoon to pay thanks to Servicemembers and staff as well as do what he does best, get cooking.

Fieri spent about 45 minutes with chef John Lawrey and other members of the kitchen staff to help spice up dinner for that night.

Salisbury steak and chicken tetrazzini were on the menu.

Fieri tried the initial steak and classified it as, "boring...and a little heavy on the worcestershire sauce" and was even more determined to create a better steak for the night.

Fieri made several trips hunting around the kitchen until he found the raw materials he needed to improve the meal.

Fieri added fresh and dried herbs, peppers, and green onions to change up the boring Salisbury steak. The tetrazzini also consisted of a mix of fresh and dried ingredients, Fieri added kale for nutritional value and color.

While he was cooking, Fieri joked with staff and discussed what he was learning about cooking for massive amounts of people and a typical army kitchen. "Things don't always work like you want them to in these types of situations, like that pot, it wasn't getting hot enough fast enough for me, but I just had to figure out a way around it to make the meal work" he said.

Fieri stressed the difficulty, "There are challenges in the kitchen every day that have to be overcome, and I think that's why this job is so important, if there's no food, people can't eat; if people can't eat how can they perform their duties."

When asked about tips for military families and single soldiers to make the most out of their meals Fieri suggested cooking in bulk. "Families on a budget can defiantly roast three chickens in one day, we do it in our family, and then you use the meat in meals throughout the week for things like enchiladas, chicken salad or whatever else you like for dinner; then the bones you can use to make chicken stock. Do you want to make the best chicken noodle soup that your kids will eat? Make it home made".

Fieri's advice to single soldiers was to eat more raw vegetables, and to cook things with lots of nutrition. "The kale I was using in here, it's a super food, filled with vitamins and nutrients any body needs.... and brown rice you can cook a ton of it and incorporate it into different meals without much work, without much cost".

At the end of the day, Fieri spent time with servicemembers from the Warrior Transition Unit listening to their stories, joking around, and autographing copies of his latest cookbook.

Fieri concluded, "I just wanted to stop by and give some credit to those who, I feel, don't get enough". 

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