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Spouse magazine

SPOUSE magazine - November 2018

JBLM Spouse magazine is an online publication via your email weekly. It connects you with your greater military community in the South Sound, highlighting features, events and activities for spouses and families, both on and off the base.

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Gifts that give back

With the holidays upon us, it's the peak gift-giving time of the year. With veteran suicides at an average of 22 a day, wouldn't it be nice if your present could also help a veteran? Well it can. Here are some great options everyone is sure to...

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Artisan spouses

This year, if you are looking for unique and handcrafted goods for holiday gifts, look no further than the spouse community at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. These artists and designers have turned their talents into profitable businesses, utilizing...

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Holiday theater roundup

What's this? What's this? A chill is in the air! What's this? E-scooters everywhere! What's this? The summer has now gone, soon we'll be freezing, though our snowy nights are rare! What ... is ... this?

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’Tis the season for train rides

It is hard to believe the year is almost over already. It seems like just yesterday everyone was counting down the days until spring and then summer vacation. Here we are again with winter upon us, and a favorite time of the year right around the...

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