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September 15, 2017 at 7:33am

Common Travel Problems and How to Deal with Them

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Holidays are supposed to be the most stress-free time of our lives. However, they can end up causing quite a bit of trouble from dealing with luggage to ending up in a horrible hotel. So, what can you do?

Here are some of the most common travel problems and tips on how to deal with them without losing sleep – or your mind.

Overbooked or cancelled flights

Airlines are notorious for overbooking flights due to no-shows. You really want to avoid having to deal with this problem by showing at the airport as early as possible.

If you’re not in hurry or travelling for business reasons, you might want to volunteer to travel on the next flight. Airlines often compensate volunteers well – you might even turn the holiday into a budget holiday this way. So, be open for the idea!

On the other hand, if your flight is cancelled, do seek for compensation. In Europe, airlines must give up to €600 in compensation if the flight is cancelled or delayed for over three hours. You should give your details to the airline and seek for food and drink vouchers – airlines must even help you find accommodation if the holdup is lengthy.

Getting through the airport security in style

You don’t want to spend a huge amount of time in the security queue at the airport. The easiest way to avoid having to unpack everything is to make sure you pack the hand luggage right at home.

Do remember to leave liquids away from the hand luggage. If you need any cosmetics or other such liquids, place them in a resalable plastic bag. Note that the container cannot exceed 100ml and you can’t have more than a litre with you. Don’t take sharp objects with you – however, nail scissors and knitting needles are fine. If you smoke, you can only have one lighter with you.

Keep the plastic bags at the top of the bag, so you can easily take them out at the security. Before you walk through the gate, remove your belt and any jewellery you might have. You should also take off your jacket and any scarfs you might be wearing.

Lost luggage

Before you start checking in luggage, think whether you could simply travel with a carry-on. You can find that the carry-on luggage sizes are rather generous and you might avoid the annoyance of waiting for luggage at your destination by travelling light.

Of course, this is not always possible. When you notice your luggage is lost, contact the airline immediately and give them details for sending it to you. You can claim through the airline although claiming through your travel insurance is often much faster – therefore, remember to have a good travel insurance in place!

Bad accommodation

The easiest way to avoid accommodation problems is to do your research. Read hotel reviews and check out travel portal websites and the hotel’s own website to find out more. Keep in mind the location as well – you can sometimes spot a bad hotel simply by noticing the neighbourhood it is in.

Be clever when booking accommodation. For example, if you follow the link, you could enjoy discounts on four or five-star hotels without paying the full price: Chain hotels might seem boring or expensive, but they can sometimes be a safe choice for a holiday. Not to mention, big hotels often run membership campaigns that could help you save money.

If you are just staying at the hotel for one night and you arrive after 6pm, you might ask for a free upgrade. Hotels are more than happy to satisfy your needs and could be willing to provide you with a better experience.

Spending too much

Most people also end up spending too much money at the destination. You might have been smart when booking the holiday but suddenly all caution goes out the window when you are finally there.

It’s important to have a travel budget – you could spread your cash to as many envelopes as you are planning to stay at your destination. This means you only spend the allocated amount of money.

Getting sick

Of course, the most annoying and rather common travel problem is to fall ill. Long flights, new climate and different food can all cause troubles. The key is to dress appropriately – remember that the airplanes are colder than the sunny beach you are travelling to.

You should also be prepared in terms of medicine. Pack basic painkillers and stomach relief pills with you. Lacto bacteria pills are good for avoiding stomach bugs from new food. Remember to rest and listen to your body. A little nap might help you avoid getting too sick.

If you start feeling horrible and symptoms like diarrhoea and vomiting doesn’t stop within 48 hours, consult a doctor. Your accommodation should have more information on where to seek medical assistance – you can also check with your travel insurance provider.

The above travel problems are all too common. However, you can avoid them with proper preparation. In the end, travelling is about staying positive and being aware that the unexpected might happen!


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