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May 4, 2013 at 8:13am

Mangudai Warriors complete grueling three-day event

Five Mangudai participants do log sit-ups during the Command Sergeant Major’s physical fitness time.

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According to legend, the "Mangu-Dai" were the elite of Genghis Khan's army.  These warriors were chosen for their ability to endure and win under harsh conditions.

Today, the term "Mangudai" denotes a leadership challenge that would make many Mangu-Dai cry.

Ranger reporter and photojournalist J.M. Simpson spent the last three days completing the Mangudai Challenge at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Soldiers, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen were tested physically, mentally and emotionally during the grueling 58-hour event.

Look for Simpson's complete story in Thursday's Ranger newspaper.

A Mangudai participant takes a moment for a quick shave. Food and sleep were almost nonexistent.

A Mangudai participant has his Swiss Seat checked before rappelling off a 37-foot tower.

After a firefight at Solo Point, Mangudai participants survey the wounded - before having to carry them one-mile uphill.

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