More than 2,450 Airmen selected for O-4, O-5, O-6

By Air Force News on April 2, 2012

From Air Force Times: The Air Force has selected more than 2,450 officers for promotion to colonel, lieutenant colonel and major.

They were selected during the 2011C Colonel Medical Service Corps and Lieutenant Colonel Nurse Corps and the 2011D Major Line of the Air Force central selection boards, according to a March 29 news release from the Air Force Personnel Center.

In total, 15 out of 92 lieutenant colonels were selected for promotion. Of those selected, 13 selected out of 25 eligible lieutenant colonels in the zone, a promotion rate of 52 percent; one selected out of 16 eligible lieutenant colonels above the zone, a 6.25 percent promotion rate; and one selected out of 51 eligible lieutenant colonels below the zone, a 1.9 percent promotion rate.

Meanwhile, 89 of 427 majors considered for promotion were selected to advance to lieutenant colonel. That breaks down as follows: 78 selected out of a total of 127 eligible majors, a promotion rate of 61.4 percent; three selected out of 83 eligible majors above the zone, a 3.6 promotion rate; and eight selected out of 217 eligible majors below the zone, a 3.7 percent promotion rate.