Enlisted early retirement applications due Monday

By Air Force News on April 27, 2012

Airmen eligible for the Temporary Early Retirement Authority have until Monday to complete and submit their applications, Air Force Personnel Center officials said today.

TERA is one of several programs the Air Force is using to size and shape the force to meet current and future mission requirements.

"We expect to approve approximately 250 TERA applications this fiscal year. Airmen who are approved must retire not later than Sept. 1," said Lt. Col. Tara White, AFPC retirements and separations chief. "Approval will be based on overmanned specialties, time in service of 15 to 19 years, and grade."

In the event it becomes necessary, additional selection criteria may include active duty service commitment, time in grade, and commander recommendation, White said.

For more information about TERA, including the list of eligible career fields, and other personnel issues, visit the Air Force Personnel Services website at https://gum-crm.csd.disa.mil.