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January 14, 2012 at 2:25am

Air Force officials announce enlisted constrained jobs list

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Air Force officials announced Jan. 10, the fiscal 2012 career job reservation program with 16 Air Force Specialty Codes placed on the constrained list.

Career job reservations allows the Air Force to control the number of first-term Airmen re-enlisting in career fields where projected manning levels exceed the needs of the Air Force. This is the first time since 2007 the Air Force is using a constrained listing.

The AFSCs and career fields on the constrained list are the following:

-- 2A6X1, Aerospace Propulsion
-- 2A6X4, Aircraft Fuel Systems
-- 2A7X3, Aircraft Structural Maintenance
-- 2T0X1, Traffic Management
-- 2T1X1, Vehicle Operations
-- 3D1X1, Client Systems Technician
-- 3D1X3, Radio Frequency Transmission Systems
-- 3E7X1, Fire Protection
-- 3E9X1, Emergency Management
-- 3M0X1, Services
-- 3N0X4, Still Photography
-- 3P0X1, Security Forces
-- 4A1X1, Medical Materiel
-- 4A2X1, Biomedical Equipment
-- 4Y0X1, Dental
-- 8M0O0, Postal

First-term Airmen in these AFSCs who entered their CJR window as of Jan. 1 are affected, said Chief Master Sgt. Shannon Parker, the Air Force Personnel Center chief of Air Force skills management branch.

"All first-term Airmen must have an approved CJR to re-enlist," she said.

The Selective Reenlistment Program automatically requests a CJR for first-term Airmen when they enter their first month of eligibility. Airmen serving in a constrained AFSC will be added to a waiting list and compete for monthly quotas based on a rank-order process.

Airmen and their supervisors will receive CJR notification reflecting their status monthly starting in February. The virtual Military Personnel Flight will also be updated to reflect the Airman's CJR status.

First-term Airmen in constrained AFSCs are prohibited from extending for any reason while pending a CJR or while on the CJR wait-list. The exception is for Airmen overseas who are required to obtain additional retainability to become eligible for their continental United States return assignment.

All first-term Airmen, including those on the CJR waiting list may apply for retraining or a special duty.

Airmen not approved for a CJR and not selected for retraining may reapply for retraining or special duty, provided they are not within 120 days of their date of separation.

Quotas for constrained AFSCs will be posted on the Air Force Personnel Services website when available.





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