CSA card personal use unauthorized

By Air Force News on September 11, 2011

Policy changes concerning the use of the Air Force's new Controlled Spend Account cards were spelled out in a policy letter from Headquarters Air Force Aug. 26.
Effective immediately, personal use of the CSA is not authorized.

The CSA is the program the Air Force implemented this year to replace the Government Travel Card. Initially, personal use of the new CSA card was allowed if there was a residual balance remaining on the card after the travel voucher was filed.

As of now, the CSA card may only be used for expenses related to official government travel. After an individual has filed a travel voucher within five days after their official travel (per Joint Federal Travel Regulation, appendix O) or during inprocessing following a permanent change of station, any balance remaining on the card can be obtained by the traveler through one of the following options:

- Electronic transfer to a personal account through Citi's on-line access system or by calling them directly
- Withdraw the balance via an ATM (there is a two percent fee)
- Request a check by mail by calling Citi, or a check will be automatically mailed to the cardholder after 60 days of account inactivity

Any questions or problems can be handled through individual unit agency program coordinators.