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New graphic novellas to educate soldiers, families on future cyber threats

Since World War II, the Army has been using comic books to train soldiers on specific duties and reduce casualties through improved situational awareness.


Marvel Bay Café

Just off Pacific Avenue near the campus of PLU, the Marvel Market offers hard-to-find European produce, baked goods as well as meats and cheeses. With a focus on Eastern European cuisine, the attached Marvel Bay Cafe, which offers breakfast and...


Enjoy the scenic Seattle waterfront

There is so much to see and do in Seattle it is hard to know where to start. I like to visit with a set area in mind and focus on that. One such area is Seattle's vibrant and historic waterfront which makes a great day trip from Joint Base...

News Front

JBLM Ranger dies after action in Afghanistan

The Pentagon has identified a soldier who died in Germany this week after being wounded by small-arms fire during combat operations in Afghanistan. Sgt. Cameron A. Meddock, 26, of Spearman, Texas, died Thursday at Landstuhl Regional Medical...


Across the Great Divide

As a teenager, seeing the great concert documentary The Last Waltz was a foundational experience for me; not only was I getting exposed to music that I hadn't really absorbed as a kid, but I was getting a peek behind the curtain of what it meant...

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