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JBLM SPOUSE Magazine: January 2015

Unique Bed and Breakfast Vacations, Body Painting, Holiday Decor Organizing, Tacoma Soup ...

Temple of the Blue Moon cabin is the crown jewel at TreeHouse Point in Fall City, Washington. Photo credit: Crowley Photography

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SPOUSE magazine is a free, online magazine that addresses the unique needs and interests of military spouses at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. SPOUSE speaks to our reader's values and focuses on what's important. We empower her with smart solutions for her core concerns - deployment issues, career tips, relationships, home, food, style, and family life. Spouse strives to celebrate life, inspire and entertain, empowering   viewers around the world to live their best lives and, by doing so, lift the lives of those around them - on and off the installation.

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<<< Body Painting, Make-Up, Oh My!

<<< How To be The Winter Doldrums

<<< Continuing Education

<<< Organizing Holiday Decor

<<< Bed And Breakfast Vacations

<<< Anti-New Year's Resolutions

<<< Tasty Soup In Tacoma


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