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Furniture rental revolutionized

Oliver Space offers an innovative approach to purchasing or renting high quality furniture. Photo credit: Oliver Space

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Oliver Space says that it has built a better way to buy furniture.

Founded in 2019 by Chan Park, former Head of Expansion and General Manager of Uber Asia, Oliver Space works to remove the hassles surrounding furniture and furnishing selections, letting customers make better use of their time.

Park came up with the idea for the business while renting a furnished apartment in Singapore.

"I had just accepted that if I moved around so much, it wasn't worth it to invest in nice things for my space," he explained.

"The thought of picking out new furniture for each move that fit my apartment, coordinating the logistics of delivery and assembly around my busy schedule, and the high upfront costs didn't make sense when I didn't know where I would be in one year."

To further Park's vision, Oliver Space has modernized the process of buying and renting furniture, promising delivery in as little as 72 hours. He also pointed out that individuals who move frequently due to their jobs may find it hard to reinvest in nice furnishings that may not work in their next home.

According to the latest Census Bureau data on migration expectancy, Americans can expect to move 11.7 times because millennials move more than any other generation.

Besides meeting the needs of Americans on the move, Oliver Space is also making a statement about preserving the environment.

Each year, Americans dump millions of tons of furniture and furnishings into landfills. In 2018, over 12.1 million tons were disposed of.

"This is due to the proliferation of disposable furniture and transient consumers," continued Park. "They don't get disposable furniture because they want to; they do it because they have no other choice."

With Oliver Space, customers work on-line with a customer experience team to decide on the layout and design of their space. Oliver then delivers and assembles all of the high-quality furniture and furnishings within a matter of days. 

With an interest free monthly subscription, customers pay a fraction of the retail price for their items and avoid spending money upfront to furnish their space. Customers also have the flexibility of keeping their furniture or having Oliver Space remove it when they are ready to move.

"The feeling of home is something that everyone deserves, regardless of whether you plan to be there for six months or six years," concluded Park.

The company operates in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Dallas and Austin. For more information about Oliver Space, visit Oliver Space.


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