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An ode to our favorite Trader Joe’s products

What we can’t stop buying at Trader Joe’s

Don’t miss Trader Joe’s specialty seasonings Photo Credit: Claire Nunn

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If you're not already a die-hard Trader Joe's fan, we can assure you after you try the items on this list you will be. When you hear Trader Joe's your mind might wander to the ‘Two Buck Chuck' wine that is wildly popular for being a wine sold for just $2, but their offering goes so far beyond that. 

While stationed at JBLM you have two options of Trader Joe's stores to shop at. The first is located about twenty minutes away in University Place's Green Firs shopping center and the second is located 30 minutes south in Olympia on Black Lake Blvd. 

So here we go, may you try these products and love them (probably obsessively) just like us. 

Let's start with dessert first, because why not. Trader Joe's Mini Hold the Cone Ice Cream Cones are everything needed in life. These tiny ice cream cones are packed with flavor, and of course are an adorable addition to your dessert selection. Their seasonal flavors consist of peppermint chocolate and pumpkin ginger and every day flavors come in chocolate, chocolate chip and vanilla. Rumor also has it that a coffee bean flavor is on its way so keep your eyes peeled on your next visit.

Trader Joe's also has seasonal chocolate and candy mixes called "Jangle"  that are downright addicting. At Christmas time it's Jingle Jangle and during the spring it's Spring Jangle, which is a delightful mix of butter toffee peanuts, chocolate covered pretzels, mini-peanut butter cups, pastel candy gems and more. 

Next up is traditionally a breakfast item, but we've been known to cut a slice (or two) and call it lunch. Trader Joe's Kringle, a flaky Scandinavian pastry, is considered one of their most popular bakery items and it's no secret why. Flavors vary depending on season, but they retail for only $7.99 which is a steal compared to their $20.99 plus shipping online cost. Look for various seasonal flavors throughout the year. 

Moving on to more savory items next up on the list is their Shawarma Chicken Thighs. Seasoned with a multitude of spices and packed with flavor this is the meal that is sure to wow the entire dinner table, but takes no prep time at all. It's as easy as pulling the meat out of the package and either baking it, or grilling it. Take the meal to the next level and pair it with another Trader Joe's favorite, their prepared Balela Salad. This savory Middle Eastern concoction combines chickpeas, black beans and tomatoes into a delectable salad.

We could write an entire novel alone just about the frozen selection at Trader Joe's. From their cauliflower gnocchi to their chocolate gnocchi, chicken tikka masala, hatch chile mac and cheese, you name it, you can probably find it in their frozen section. As hard as it is, and after much consideration, we have made the tough decision of choosing our absolute favorite frozen Trader Joe's item and it has to be the Mandarin Orange Chicken. This dish is as easy as dumping the bag into a frying pan, mixing the sauce in and placing it on a plate to indulge in. 

Let's move on to their seasoning selection. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning can be found here and it's the perfect addition to eggs, bagels and so much more. Other favorites include their Everything But The Elote SeasoningChile Lime Seasoning Blend and Everything But the Leftovers. 

We're not certain this is our last Trader Joe's article, because there are so many other favorites that have sadly been left out, but don't forget to add the above products to your shopping cart next time you visit Trader Joe's.

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