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Camo Chat: JBLM’s newest Podcast and Video Team

Tune in to find out about things to do around the area and getting accustomed to military life

JBLM Camo Chat Girls made a live appearance at the Military Game Show Party April 27. Photo credit: Kaley Sherren

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These days the Google Search bar is the one-stop shop for new duty location research -- it's where we go to find out about neighborhoods, schools, things to do and places to eat. It can certainly be quick and convenient, but can also be more overwhelming than helpful. Unfortunately for military families, researching online is the best way to prepare for an upcoming PCS, which usually results in hours of sifting through the helpful verse the useless information. If this sounds familiar then you will be ecstatic to hear that coming Friday, May 3, JBLM Camo Chat will be publishing weekly podcasts and videos all about military life around Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). 

The Camo Chat girls, aka Kaley Sherren and Hanna Smelser, are passionate about giving back to the military community, and spend a large portion of their time setting up JBLM Ladies meet-up events, where spouses can connect and meet with other spouses. When asked why they were interested in starting a new platform, Kaley said, "The importance of getting the information out there! It's difficult to get that information, especially as a new spouse or when moving to a new place. We want to be that connecting force, where we are able to connect people with the resources and information, and for them to actively participate in our podcast."

In addition to their energetic and cheerful personalities, you can expect a ton of material from their videos and podcasts. They plan to cover any and all topics about military life, relevant to any and all military affiliated individuals. These will range from job hunting, to date night ideas in the area, to tips on PCSing. You can also look forward to games, trivia, live Facebook videos, and pop-up appearances all around the Puget Sound area.

The girls will be publishing their podcasts every Friday, with a supporting video published Saturdays, while encouraging participation on their Facebook page, JBLM Camo Chat. Here you can ask questions, take polls and play games. Kaley said of their new audience, "We want feedback from them; we want to know what they want to hear and what they want us to talk about."

Camo Chat is here to support their military community. Hanna said, "We want to be relatable; we want people to know they're not in this alone. We all have that struggle. So, we can all work together to get the job done."

Whether you are new to the area or have been established here for years, you are sure to learn something new from Camo Chat. You will love listening to their excitement as they help us navigate our hectic, wild and fun military lives.

Be sure to tune in Friday, May 3, where they podcast from the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center at Sky View Observatory in downtown Seattle.

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