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Spouse magazine

SPOUSE magazine - February 2019

JBLM Spouse magazine is an online publication via your email weekly. It connects you with your greater military community in the South Sound, highlighting features, events and activities for spouses and families, both on and off the base.


Grizzle Grazzle

Political sloganeering aside, this is not an especially patriotic time in the good ol' U.S. of A. Last Fourth of July, an annual Gallup poll found only 47 percent of Americans to be proud of their nationality. In the 18 years this poll has been...


Waffle, waffle, waffle

As I write this now, my socks are soggy, and my toes are cold right down to the core. I was underprepared for this foreign snow and slush that has invaded the South Sound but was desperate to escape my cabin fever. I think I had lost my marbles a...


Snow Day sips and stops

Whether you call it "snowmageddon," "snowpocalypse," or just enough snow to matter, one thing is certain, the Sound Sound is losing their damn minds. Before the white stuff started to give the ground a proper dusting, the hordes were in a panic,...


Solo expansion

How long is it reasonable for a one-person band to stay a one-person band? Is there a threshold an artist reaches where they've had enough of their albums being described as "homespun," and so decide to take the all-important step of getting the...

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