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Military spouse and artist Jax Cutsforth

Producing military-themed artwork

Jax Cutsforth puts the final touch on an Apache, which shows the intricate mechanics of the helicopter. Photo courtesy Jax Cutsforth

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Jax Cutsforth grew up in Arizona near Fort Huachuca and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Although she doesn't have very many years under her belt as a military spouse, she has always loved military equipment and incorporated it into her art. 

"My excitement for the military began at an early age. I loved going to the ‘boneyard' at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and seeing the massive aircraft," she said. "My first success as an artist blindsided me. I was in high school and did not have high self-confidence, especially in my artistic ability. My art teacher of several years talked me into featuring one of my pieces of artwork at a local café. It was a P-51 Mustang that I drew and then put on a canvas with coffee clouds. I was contacted by a patron of the café who was interested in purchasing this piece from me. I was blown away that anyone would want anything I created. Here was real confirmation that maybe I was good at something."

Currently, Cutsforth works using different media, and she specializes in drawing and painting. Her art is directly influenced by her experiences as a military spouse.  

"I currently live on Joint Base Lewis-McChord and have spent many days visiting the museums and wandering the base," she said. "There have been times when I have gone for a run around the McChord airfield and have stopped in my path to watch a C-17 fly overhead. The Pacific Northwest has given me opportunities to expand my knowledge. This summer, I attended Tankfest Northwest at the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum in Everett. I was able to see many different tanks in action and get up close and personal.

"The defining moment in my life that made me want to start doing military-themed artwork was when I was able to fly in a UH-60 Blackhawk," she continued. "I realized that I was having a once-in-a-lifetime experience that not many people will get the opportunity to have. I wanted to turn my adventure into something I was able to share with the world."

Military life can be challenging, but Cutsforth has found a home among her fellow spouses.

"The thought of moving every few years, dealing with deployments and the ever-changing Army can be scary and overwhelming," she said. "Military spouses are the strongest and most resilient women and men I know. There is a large population of military spouses who have set aside their aspirations in support of their servicemember spouse. I am a firm believer that they are an underutilized part of the community. Their selflessness and drive to serve often puts them a head above the rest. It can seem daunting to move locations so often; being a military spouse comes with the opportunity to reinvent yourself at every duty station. I have fallen in love with the fact that I can take my business with me wherever I go and tailor it to who I want to be."

Known for her cutaway drawings that show the intricate mechanics of military equipment, she also produces paintings and sketches of military housing as farewell gifts. Cutsforth also produces prints of Apaches, Blackhawks and Abrams tanks. These are all currently in stock. She also works on a commission basis (allow at least one month's notice). Visit Cutsforth Creations on Facebook or email for more information.

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