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Milspo life covered on social media

Many have a love or hate reaction to Facebook sites

The Honest Dependa tells the tale of a military spouse living in hilarious fashion. Photo credit:

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Being a military spouse is almost like being inducted to a special club. There's insider info that you just get -- stuff that those who have never experienced simply wouldn't understand. Things like jokes, poking fun at policies, instances where "you just had to be there" (like a first-time PCS) or trying to enroll in DEERS without an appointment. If you've lived it, you get it!

It's an experience that bonds you with others.

However, there are also instances where you come across something edgy and know your non-military friends just won't get it. Now, thanks to social media, you can share your goodies online.

Whether you think they are funny or not, check out these social media accounts. They get you right in the "that's so true" way you can only live through firsthand.
They'll keep you chuckling or groaning when the days are long, and they reach that milspo level of controversy you never knew you needed!

Getting its name from the stereotypical "over-sensitive military wife," this Facebook account shares military news as well as real-life stories about military spouses acting, well, over sensitive. It's filled with posts about rank seniority, feuds in on-post housing neighborhoods, and more.

The Honest Dependa
Then there's the Honest Dependa, who uses a Snapchat filter to tell us her thoughts. She shares a mixture of real-life content along with fresh pieces like videos and memes. By staying anonymous, she gives us a hilariously honest look at "dependa" life and everything that goes along with it.

Coming from comes SpouseBuzz, where you can read up on hilarity in your free time. The site is full of all types of military information (even the serious stuff), but also creates aggregate humor pieces. Check it out for a quick giggle whenever you need one.

US Army WTF Moments
For all those instances where you're like "wait, what?" there's WTF Moments. Check it out for examples of soldiers and spouses acting out of the ordinary to downright crazy. Beware, it's not exactly safe for work. But when the moment is right, you can easily check in for a spat of laughter.

Military Social Media Idiots
For all the stuff you see online that shouldn't be posted, it now has a home. This page posts the worst of the worst, and while we might not agree with it, it makes for some great entertainment. Servicemembers and spouses who see inappropriate content can share it with the page, and who knows, your submission just might make the cut!

For a good laugh, or to yell at, when you need it, follow these social media accounts. They offer a brutally honest look at military living.

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