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Maritime theme defines Puget Sound style

Local store helps with interior design

Thompson’s Furniture can help you put together your own special version of the Pacific Northwest/Puget Sound style of decorating. Photo credit: Thompson's Furniture

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Arguably, one of the benefits of military life is the opportunity to live in many different parts of the country. As a resident, there is the opportunity to experience the culture, the food and the scenery of a place in a way that a tourist simply can't. Decorating one's home in a manner that reflects the style of the area only adds to the experience.

The decorating style of the Pacific Northwest reflects the laid back, casual, unfussy feel of the region as a whole. Comfortable, eclectic and easy care, Pacific Northwest decorating highlights the furniture and accessories that say "home."

Here in the Puget Sound, that classic Pacific Northwest style takes on a decidedly maritime twist, reflecting the water that defines this place.

Think, "laid back beach house."

Not sure what that looks like? Thompson's Furniture, located on Capitol Blvd. in Tumwater, is here to help, with friendly, knowledgeable sales people and frequently changing displays filled with ideas to help the average home decorator personalize his or her space.

Want to make over an entire room? Thompson's can recommend pieces and custom-order upholstery to suit any taste or style perfectly. Redecorating an entire room can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on the number and types of furnishings and accessories desired.

If a whole room makeover isn't in the budget, it's still possible to decorate your home in a way that reflects the unique style of this unique place without breaking the bank. Donna Thompson and the folks at Thompson's Furniture are more than happy to suggest Pacific Northwest-influenced, Puget Sound-inspired accessories to bring new life to any space. Things like pillows, throw blankets, candles, maritime-inspired linens and more can do a lot to freshen up even the most tired décor.

Since 1930, Lena and Ernest Thompson's family has been part of the Tumwater community. Originally Thompson's Corner Grocery, the store passed through several transitions, becoming Thompson's Feed Company and then Thompson's Corner Antiques before becoming Thompson's Furniture under the capable management of Lena and Ernest's children, Don and Donna Thompson, in 1972.

"Since then, the store has become a boutique-style store featuring many unique and sought-after items," said Mary Blakely, spokesperson for Thompson's Furniture.  "Thompson's has become known for (its) amazing merchandising displays, incredible product selection and skilled staff to help customers as needed.

"We remain steadfast in the value of buying and selling fine quality merchandise, seeking to purchase USA-made whenever possible," she continued. "We do a lot of custom ordering, especially upholstered items, and try to have design ideas throughout the shop to help customers with their own homes ... It truly is an incredible shop to visit.  From the outside, it doesn't look like what's on the inside! People drive from north of Seattle, from the coast (and) from Portland just to come here!"

Thompson's Furniture, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday-Saturday; noon to 5 p.m., Sunday, 5407 Capitol Blvd. SE, Tumwater, 360.357.6342,

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