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Adult choices

Best-selling author hosts domestic violence awareness workshop

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On Friday, Oct. 20, the AFCS Family Advocacy Program will host a special workshop called "Choose Your Own Adulthood," by Hal Runkel, founder of the ScreamFree Institute and New York Times best-selling author. Runkel has been featured on NBC's Today Show.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Am I ready to achieve healthy relationships? Do I want to learn how to respond more and react less? Do I want true connections with others? AFCS Family Advocacy Program has the solution. "Choose Your Own Adulthood" is about choices. It's not about the big choices such as: What college? Do I enlist? What do I want to do? It is about the smaller everyday decisions that have a much bigger impact on your life.

"We (AFCS Family Advocacy Program) are very excited to bring Hal Runkel to JBLM to teach us about the importance of small, everyday life choices to prepare for big, life-altering decisions ahead.

During the workshop, Hal will explain sixteen of these more/less choices to help young adults in our military community, as tomorrow's leaders -- transition their brains from the adolescent thinking of their past into the adult brain they need most for all those big, life-altering decisions ahead (such as selecting a partner)," said Marina Hoiden, AFCS Family Advocacy Program specialist. "In support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, come learn how to help yourself and those you love, experience the kinds of grown-up, healthy relationships we all crave," she continued.

According to Hoiden, every October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month JBLM AFCS Family Advocacy Program hosts a Domestic Violence Awareness event. "Life is full of big choices: career, education, Game of Thrones or House of Cards. Partner selection is probably the biggest choice of all," she said. "But what if these big choices were not the ones that mattered most? What about the small choices we make every day? Join Hal Runkel as he brings humor and wisdom to shed some light on the small, daily choices that make the biggest difference in our lives. Like whether you violently react to an insult from your lover, or calmly respond instead. Or whether you immediately grab what you want right now, or patiently pursue what you want most instead."

To register for the JBLM Domestic Violence Awareness Workshop and to hear Hal Runkel share his vision for Adulthood, go to or call 253.967.5901. A free copy of the best-selling Choose Your Own Adulthood book will be available for the first 100 attendees to arrive at the event. Light refreshments and book signing following the event; registration is limited and available through Oct. 13.

"Choose Your Own Adulthood" workshop, 1 p.m., Friday, Oct. 20, McChord Theater, 100 Colonel Joe Jackson Blvd., JBLM, free, 253.967.5901,

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