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10 household items you didn’t know you could get with a military discount

Mission SAMAP (Save as much as possible): Accomplished

Brides Across America offer up free dresses at bases around the country. File photo

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Shopping with a military discount can bring on plenty of savings. From big purchases like vehicles and furniture, to even the smallest ones, like snacks or breath mints - utilizing your military discount can add up to serious savings. Especially when used for services, too, for instance, vehicle maintenance, home repairs and more.

For some, it's even a go-to response to ask if stores offer them. That way they're sure to find as many discounts as possible. But could there be even more that you didn't know existed? Even with military savings being so common, there are plenty of additional deals you might not even know exist!

Check out these lesser-known deals and utilize them the next time you have a need in order to save yourself as much funds as possible.

1. Free Tax Prep

This might not be an "item," per say, but the service is invaluable. Only a few rare folks actually like doing their taxes, and even they wouldn't mind a second set of eyes ensuring everything looks as it should. Next year, come tax season, head on base and have your taxes prepped and filed by a trained pro ... all without charge!

Want to learn more? Check out this free comprehensive guide from Military One Source.

2. Phones and Phone Line Service

Did you know you can chat, text and surf the web all at a discounted rate? Whether you opt for a home phone, cell phone, or both - even multiple cell phones - you can earn cheaper rates on products and services alike. Check with your current provider to see if they're giving you a discount, or if they offer one. If not, you can switch to a carrier who can.

Head in to see who offers the best deals for military on both phones and service lines, head to Military Benefits and see if your brand is on the list.

3. FREE Wedding Dresses

Shops across the country band together each year in order to provide military brides with a free dress. Events are held twice per year, where members can apply to win. On average, they award 2,000 dresses a year; gowns, facilities, money and more can also be donated in order to help make someone's special day even more special.

To enter or donate, head to Brides Across America.

Those wanting to purchase their own dress can also do so with a discount at JJ's House.

4. Memory Quilts

Kids grow up fast. In order to have a keepsake of their smaller days, many parents seek out "memory quilts," or blankets that are made from a child's favorite clothes. This can be ordered at a great discount to military families when they apply through Jelly Bean Quilts. It's also a beloved item for those who are often moving and can't keep many items of the child's that aren't currently in use.

5. Your Next iPad - or Apple Product of Choice

Though discounts are available when purchasing through a mobile carrier, military families can also obtain deals by buying straight from Apple. The company offers their phones, pads, iPods, computers and more at a lowered rate.

Head to their website for an overview of products and pricing

And if you're more of an Android/PC lover, no worries - discounts are also offered by makers of these brands, and/or at the stores that sell them.

6. Mail-Order Gifts

If you're sending a bouquet of flowers, a basket of food, or virtually any other gift you ordered online, it's likely eligible for a deal. Check retail companies, like 1.800.FLOWERS, Hickory Farms and more to see just how much you can save when sending out your next gift.

7. Food Subscriptions

You don't necessarily have to buy your goods at the Commissary to save. Subscription-based stores like Sam's Club and Costco Wholesale provide lowered rates for active-duty members who are subscribing or renewing their membership. The same is true for online brands who are selling food, wine, or even vitamin supplements. Check their terms before signing up for a chance at an even lowered price!

8. Crafts and Supplies

Anyone who shops JoAnn knows they send out coupons like it's their job, but did you know they also give out a military discount? Better still, is the deal good for on-sale and clearance items? The only catch is that your coupons and/or discounts can't exceed the number of items being purchased.

Head to their website to learn more (or to sign up for coupons)

9. A FREE Recordable Book for the Kids

Deploying soon? A Story Before Bed is sending out free books to active-duty parents. The book allows you to record your voice reading the story so your kids can hear it as often as they like. To date, the company has handed out more than 300,000 copies - that's a lot of books!

10. Family Photos

Choose your photographer wisely! Many chains offer a military discount for active members and their family. That way during those precious days where your entire crew is together, you can snap memories and hang them on your wall for a lifetime. Without paying full price!

Military discounts are available on a number of household goods, services and more. Check with your local base or with individual providers to learn more. 

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