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JBLM's intramural spring sports are up and running

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Whether you're good at scooping hot grounders and tossing a strike to first base or drilling a kick past the goalkeeper from 20 yards out, Teresa Hatch has a word of advice for you.

"Sign up," said Hatch, Joint Base Lewis-McChord's intramural sports director.

During the next couple of months, JBLM's intramural sports program will be busy. Now's the time to sign up and have fun.

The Commander's Cup volleyball league started this week, and registration is underway for a number of other teams.

On April 10, Commander's Cup soccer begins a six-week season, and Commander's Cup softball begins in June - about the time the sun starts peeking through.

Other Commander's Cup activities coming up over the next couple of months include golf, which tees off June 5, and flag football, kicking off in August.

For the artistic-natured who enjoys painting, there's a one-day paintball tournament Aug. 12.

In addition to fun and good times, there's an objective to providing intramural sports at JBLM.

"The objective of the intramural program is to promote unit morale, esprit de corps, teamwork, physical fitness, leadership and good sportsmanship," Hatch said.

Commander's Cup league sports are for those in the military, and active-duty teams pile up points for their unit according to how well they do in the standings. At the end of the year, an award is presented to the unit with the most points.

"It's very competitive," Hatch said. "Right now, we have the program broken down into the Purple Heart and the Silver Star division. It's based on the unit's size."

There are also Open Leagues, which are for those in the military and anyone 18 and older who works or lives on base. You have to have a base pass to participate.

The Open League began last year, and its goal is simple.

"It's to get spouses, contractors and those who live and work on base involved in the military program," Hatch said. "We're trying to give them another opportunity to play sports."

Open League schedules differ from Commander's Cup leagues. On April 13, flag football starts for the Open League. Cost is $300 per team. Open League spring softball started April 1. On June 17, basketball and volleyball begin. Cost is $300 per team.

Open League fall softball starts Aug. 26.

The length of the season for each of the Open League sports depends on how many teams sign up.

"Basketball and football are the most popular," Hatch said, "and softball is popular, too. I get a lot of teams for football, basketball and softball."

Last year, 35 teams signed up for the Commander's Cup softball league.

To register or for more information about either Commander's Cup or Open League sports on JBLM, visit JBLM's intramural sports website at or call 253.967.4768.

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