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Urbin Attic: Innovation in self-storage

They deliver your stuff to you

Urbin Attic takes self-storage to the next level. Photo courtesy of Urbin Attic

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When your possessions amass to the point that you are forced to decide between becoming a hoarder or parting with your sentimental stuff, one obvious solution comes to mind - storage. Self-storage is an excellent alternative to purging because you get to hold onto your treasures, yet your living space remains uncluttered. When it comes to the self-storage marketplace, there are a whole host of viable options. One self-storage company, Urbin Attic, takes the concept of storage to a whole new level.

What sets Urbin Attic apart from traditional self-storage companies is the bevy of added services it provides for its customers. For instance, instead of making a special trip to the storage unit and rummaging through items to find that one thing they need, customers can call on Urbin Attic to find and deliver said item or items directly to their door - no special trip necessary. Urbin Attic also catalogs and inventories all storage items, so customers are completely aware of what is secured on their behalf.

"Our service is ideal for anyone that needs storage," said Urbin Attic president Charlie Naubert, "whether it's a place to stash your kayak during the winter or those boxes of Christmas decorations that take up all of your extra space in your garage."

Urbin Attic's inventorying and delivery services are two tremendous features available.

All items at Urbin Attic's secure facility in Lacey are inventoried.  Inventorying items helps serve as a reminder that a customer owns said item. In traditional self-storage scenarios, there may be something in a box in a storage unit that a customer forgets he or she even owns; Urbin Attic takes that element out of the equation.

When ready to be reunited with an item, customers (who can take pictures of their items and upload them online before storing) need only to contact Urbin Attic, which delivers the requested item to the customer's door. This means no more hassle of borrowing a friend's pick-up truck or renting a U-Haul.

In addition to its inventory and delivery services, Urbin Attic offers individualized pricing.

"With Urbin Attic, you only pay for what you store," Naubert said. "You no longer need to decide if you need a five-foot by ten-foot unit for your sofa and loveseat or five-foot by twenty-foot unit just in case. We provide the on-demand pickup and delivery, storage, picture inventory and even secure storage totes."

Using its state-of-the-art tracking system, Urbin Attic can guarantee a secure chain of custody of all beloved belongings placed into storage. Urbin Attic serves the Greater Puget Sound including Thurston, Pierce and King Counties.

For more information, find them on Facebook, call 844.908.7246 or email

Urbin Attic, 2640 Willamette Dr. NE, Lacey

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