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Jobs after the military

How to translate your military skills to a civilian resume (Infographic)

Photo courtesy Brandman University

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After spending time immersed in the military world-chock full of unique experiences, specialized jargon and a chain of command that's foreign to most traditional civilian careers-it can be difficult to know how to position your years of experience in a way that will appeal to private-sector employers.

The great news for service members and veterans is that your time spent in the Armed Forces has prepared you for success in the civilian workforce in a number of different ways. Now, the biggest hurdle you'll face is learning how to talk about it.

"Depending on your role in the military, your transferable skills could actually land you successfully in just about any industry," says Katy Curameng, director of career planning and development at Brandman University.

Curameng often works with students who are in your shoes trying to pursue jobs after the military. "The more you can describe experiences that demonstrate these skills and opportunities you've had to apply them, the more attractive you'll be to a civilian employer," she explains.

That's why we outlined some ways to translate your military skills and experience to an impressive civilian resume in this handy infographic. Use this resource to help launch your job search with confidence.

As a veteran, transitioning from your military service to a civilian career can be an intimidating process. But you're accustomed to overcoming obstacles. You can remain confident knowing that your time in the Armed Forces has uniquely prepared you for success in just about any industry you set your sights on.

Curameng points to the fact that service members are highly trained individuals with unmatched levels of work ethic and teamwork abilities. "These are skills that are difficult, if not impossible, to teach," she says, highlighting the true value of military veterans' repertoire to potential employers.

As you journey forward in your quest for jobs after the military, utilize this resource to help you translate your military skills into a civilian resume. For additional support on everything from writing a quality cover letter to finding the right job prospects and even nailing the interview process, head over to Brandman University's Career Services for Military and Veterans page.

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