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Online education for those seeking a second career

TEACH-NOW offers an activity-based, collaborative learning experience. Photo credit: TEACH-NOW

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There is a global demand for kindergarten thru 12th grade teachers. To meet the need, Washington, D.C.-based TEACH-NOW offers prospective teachers an activities-based, collaborative learning-to-teach program.

The online teacher preparation program takes candidates nine months to complete before they are certified.

"This program is really built on the delivery model of activity-based, collaborative learning," said Dr. Emily Feistritzer, CEO and president.

"Teaching is a collaborative profession, but most teacher education and certification programs are designed so that candidates work independently .... "We've challenged that traditional model by creating collaborative, activities-based, technology-centric online programs."

The first class began in March 2013, and since then, TEACH-NOW has accepted and enrolled over 1,500 people in 80 countries and 44 states.

For those in the military seeking to transition from soldier to teacher, TEACH-NOW offers two career paths.

Through the TEACH-NOW School of Education, students may choose either a nine-month teacher preparation program that leads to a teaching certificate (transferable to any state), or a 12-month graduate program to earn a Master's in Education with a focus in either the globalization of education or education research.

"TEACH-NOW has enrolled 60 veterans in the program," continued Feistritzer, "and we recently created a special division called the TEACH-NOW Veterans Initiative ... and are aggressively recruiting transitioning military and veterans, reservists, and spouses who are known to make great teachers."

The initiative is an interactive, collaborative online learning platform in which an instructor works with 10 to 15 candidates that meet in a virtual classroom once a week.

"The TEACH-NOW Initiative provides an avenue to help veterans and family members to continue to ‘serve again' in another essential occupation," added John Gantz, senior advisor for the initiative and former director of the Troops to Teachers Program at the Department of Defense.

The curriculum offers monthly enrollment periods and class scheduling to allow maximum adaptability to participate day or night across time zones, making it ideal for PCS and deployment vulnerable candidates.

"TEACH-NOW is a perfect option for those seeking a flexible way to earn their teaching certificate and gain the help needed to have their license approved," said West Point graduate and veteran Kevin Newell.

To be considered for either the nine-month teacher preparation program or the 12-month graduate program, all potential candidates must have already obtained a Bachelor's degree in the field they wish to teach.

As to program costs, Feistritzer said they are very competitive.

"Our programs are cost-effective as no fully accredited certificate and graduate school program broaches the $6,000 cost to obtain a teaching certificate and/or the $13,000 to obtain both the teaching certificate and Master's degree."

There are no hidden costs associated with textbooks and all learning material is accessible digitally at no cost.

"TEACH-NOW boasts a 94 percent program completion rate, and nearly 100 percent of graduates are currently teaching or in a position in school administration," concluded Feistritzer.

For information about the Teacher Preparation Program, visit:

For information about the Veterans Initiative, visit:

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