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Ten telecommute jobs to take with you

Stay employed no matter your next duty station

Working from home helps spouses gain flexibility. Photo credit: The Balance

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Military spouses often have a hard time holding down a job -- not because of their skills or work ethic, but because of their tendency to move. With frequent relocation, it can be difficult to earn seniority or make one's way to higher positions within a career. (Or in worst-case scenarios, even find a job.)

However, a growing alternative is telecommuting or working remotely, so no matter where one is located, he or she can have a thriving career.

Some of these growing telecommute fields include:

1. Online teacher
Whether a tutor or a full-blown teacher, there are a number of brands that aggregate jobs and teachers. Tutor with minimal training, or teach college classes with a Master's degree.

2. Writer
Create a blog as an influencer, share links for a cut of the profits, or write for others. There are a growing number of locations that allow their content creators to work remotely. Or, if you prefer to host your own blog, the creative abilities are endless.

3. Sales
Sign up with any type of brand and start selling goods. What's great about this option is that you can pick your passion and move it along with you. Besides, customers generally pay for shipping, meaning a changed location won't cost any extra.

4. Keep your current job
If you have a good standing with your current company, consider asking if you can still work after you move. For the right employee, brands are often willing to remain flexible.

5. Transcriptionist
Put your typing skills to work with an hourly rate for transcribing. Generally, you work through a company that sends audio files. Simply listen and type and earn an hourly rate for your efforts.

6. VA assistant
Another option for working remotely is that of a virtual assistant. This can include all areas of tasks, from scheduling, accounting, graphic designing and more. You can work through a company that handles all the job searching and paperwork, or become self-employed and take care of the logistics yourself.

7. Social media manager
Social media accounts can be managed from any location that has Internet access. Put your social skills to work by helping brands grow and maintain an online presence.

8. Customer service representative
Talk on the phone and help put out fires by working as a remote customer service professional. You often get to pick your own hours, and as long as you have a computer and a home phone, it's fair game.

9. Project manager
Companies of all genres and sizes need someone to help keep them in check. Stay employed by helping others schedule and keep their projects up to date, even if you can't be there in person.

10. Web designer
One of the fastest growing jobs to date is the web designer. It comes with the added perk of working from wherever and on whatever availability works best for your schedule.

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