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Spouses: consider a new career at a new base

What can be gained from updating your job along with your address?

New base, new career. Consider the possibilities. Photo credit: FlexJobs

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So you're PCSing again ... or for the first time. No matter how many times you've moved, there's plenty of change that comes with picking up and moving. There's a new house, new friends, a new grocery store - and new highways to navigate to get to the grocery store.

And that's only scratching the surface.

Often, moving also means a whole new start at a career. If you have a degree or training in a certain area, you might want to stick to what you know best. Then again, relocating offers a fresh opportunity and allows you to pick a whole new professional field - if you wish.

Why? It's a chance to expand your skills, to become a more rounded employee, to learn from others in the business or even to learn a new type of business. Besides, there often isn't a choice. Unless you're working for a multi-location chain or a brand that signs in remotely, most military spouses have to switch careers when they switch duty stations.

Is It For You?

Moving to a new career can be a nerve-wracking decision - there's no denying that the change might be difficult. But there's plenty of good that can come from it, too.

First, look at a job switch within the same industry. You may go from a big firm to a small one, or vice versa. Or maybe you'll switch a field of study or specialization. You might even think about leveling up with some schooling or additional certifications.

Whatever the adjustment, if you like your field but wish to try something different, more power to you. With plenty of skills, adding years of experience can create an even more valuable employee, which can bring more opportunities for future career growth and promotions, raises and transfers when PCSing.

Next are those who want to head into an entirely new type of job. Whether they're tired of a previous job or simply want to try something different, there are plenty of career moves that can be made. Best of all? You have an excuse. Rather than admit you don't like your job, use your pending relocation as an excuse for leaving.

This essentially lets you off the hook, but it also lets you start fresh. You can jump into something you always wanted to try but somehow never had the chance. Opt for an adjacent field, perhaps, so qualifications can still be met.

If it's a career path that interests you, it's fair game.

Additional Perks

Aside from becoming a more qualified worker, you can enhance your resumé and create better work opportunities for the future. Meanwhile, you're helping your mental sanity, and therefore your personal life, as well as professional status.

The jump might come with a pay raise or additional benefits. It's also a great way to meet new friends and learn about events or hotspots in your new town.

Why Branch Out?

If you're on the fence, or even against starting a new type of job, remember that there is plenty to be gained. PCSing is a big change, which is all the more reason to give yourself every chance possible (whether you work for fulfillment, or just as a way of earning funds).

To learn more about career opportunities, get in touch with your current or new base's MWR or check out local professional resources. Social media pages are another place to talk with military spouses in all types of careers.

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