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Veterans, military children benefit from the Tutor Doctor

Kelly Hudson, owner of the Tutor Doctor franchise, is on a mission to help JBLM children and veterans. Photo courtesy Kelly Hudson

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For Kelly Hudson, helping the veterans and military children of Joint Base Lewis-McChord is more than just her personal business ... it's her mission. Her past is deeply rooted in the military, having served in Bosnia, Kosovo, Bahrain and Iraq. With a total of 26 years in the Army and Navy, Hudson was able to take advantage of educational benefits through her GI Bill, attending Pierce College and then Southern Illinois University. Although her degree in adult education launched her into a career as a corporate trainer and later a college adjunct professor, Hudson still missed the military. She joined the Navy Reserve, earned a master's degree from the Naval War College and retired in 2012.

But it wasn't until she completed her Doctorate in Education in June 2015 with Brandman University in Lacey that she felt her purpose pull in another direction.

"I loved the service model of Tutor Doctor as soon as I found out about it," she said. "Helping students learn not only helps them, it relieves stress for the entire family."

That's when Hudson decided to purchase the Tutor Doctor franchise and venture into a new realm as entrepreneur and business owner.

She focuses her practice right here at JBLM.

"I served on JBLM and attended college here," she said. "It's my second home. As a veteran, I know the challenges our military members and families face. If I can help them, I will."

Military children face a multitude of challenges, from changing schools frequently to learning new subjects.

"We have the Common Core curriculum in our Tutor Doctor software, so our tutors can help kids and families understand it," Hudson said. "Kids also have different learning styles, and with twenty to thirty students in the classroom, teachers can't always accommodate the different styles. A tutor can prepare lessons based on the student's learning style, making learning a lot less frustrating for the kids."

If your child is struggling with school, the Tutor Doctor can help. But it doesn't stop there. Hudson also provides assistance to adult learners and college students.

"Sometimes it can be difficult for adults when they start college - many of whom haven't written an essay or research paper in years," she said. "Sometimes just having someone explain it one-on-one can make a huge difference."

Each tutor is interviewed, and reference and criminal history checks are completed. All have teaching credentials and are subject matter experts in various areas, like special education, among others.

Families interested in Tutor Doctor receive a free education consultation, where Hudson assesses the challenges facing the student, what "building blocks" may be missing from his or her education, and the student's learning style.

"I then make a recommendation to the family based on their student's tutoring needs. If the family wants to move ahead, they can buy hours of tutoring," she said.

Within a week, Hudson matches the student to a tutor and sends the tutor to the student's home for in-home tutoring. Adult students usually meet up with their tutor at a local library or coffee shop. Military families can also rest assured because Tutor Doctor offers a military discount and has tutors with base access.

Hudson's business not only benefits students, but also those looking for employment and veterans.

"I recruit military and veterans as much as possible, because almost all of them have had to train individuals and groups during their careers," Hudson explained, "and they are great role models and mentors for our military kids. I would also like to invite family members who are credentialed to teach in other states to apply to tutor for me. I don't need you to have Washington teaching credentials, but I do need folks who know how to teach."

For more information, visit Hudson's website at or call Kelly Hudson at 360.890.3100.

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