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The Proctor District: Take another look

Centralized at the intersection of North 26th Street and Proctor is one of the first established neighborhood business districts in Tacoma. It is one of 15 in the city, and it is where there are a cluster of businesses in a walkable neighborhood....

News Front

Army takes on Navy in hockey

The Pacific Northwest region offers a myriad of activities for service members fortunate enough to be stationed here. But what if your passion is not offered or not readily available to you? What then? Well, for former soldier James Schuyler, you...


'See How They Run'

It's funny how we often see mini-similarities in two movies that just happen to be opening at the same time, as is the case this week with Confess, Fletch and See How They Run. The former is a light and breezy murder mystery featuring a...


An app for medical records

Nexudoc is an app designed to help military members receive their medical benefits upon separation from service. "This is a mobile app that was developed to help service members take control of their own military medical records," began Dan...

Jobs & Education

Help for military spouse employment

Next year the Department of Defense will initiate a program which puts military spouses into paid fellowship positions with corporations that will keep them employed past their next PCS move. More details about the program will be forthcoming,...

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