Two JBLM children published in new book

By J.M. Simpson on April 18, 2022

Jocelyn Suarez knows about foreshadowing in telling a good, scary story.

In her short story "Beach," she clues the reader into how a woman turns into a dog by writing, "The beach was as dry as a dog's tongue."

Her younger brother, Knight Cassady, wrote a suspense filled mystery entitled "The Ghost on the Other Door," in which two children hear knocking on a door but cannot find anyone behind the door when they open it. 

Both of these Joint Base Lewis-McChord children have had their stories published in "Exhibit A"asa part of the FrightVision series of books for middle schoolers.They are homeschooled by their mother, Zyzxca Reynolds.

"They love to read, and they love to write," she said. "When we learned about the FrightVision Books writing contest, they were enthused."

Created by Culliver Crantz, an award-winning author, FrightVision is a series of eerie middle grade stories written to keep children up at night because they can't put the spine-tingling stories down.

"The books won't give them nightmares, but they're really hard to stop reading. They'll be begging for ‘Just one more chapter, pleeeaaassseee?'" wrote Crantz in a release.

Now, children between eight and 12 years old from around the globe had an opportunity to contribute. Out of all the submission, 68 stories were selected for publication.

"I had the honor and privilege of meeting so many creative and talented young people throughout this process. And I'm so excited to be able to showcase their stories," continued Crantz.

"FrightVision was never meant to be just a book series - I had always hoped that it could be something for kids to be part of, not just readers of. Now, they truly are part of the FrightVision universe."

Once the stories were selected for publication, Crantz emailed Suarez and Cassady to let them know that their work would be in the book. 

"Then we had a zoom meeting with him, and that's when he complimented Jocelyn on her use of foreshadowing and Knight on his use of suspense. They both were incredibly happy."

As they should be; now Jocelyn Suarez and Knight Cassady are part of the FrightVision universe.

The book was released on April 13, and it could not have come at a better time as April is the Month of the Military Child.

All proceeds from the publication will be donated to Anaik's Loving Library ( that allows children to give books to other children in need.